Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones -- 1 Year Anniversary

On May 27, a year ago, I published the romantic comedy JANE I'm-Still-Single JONES. Join me in a cyber toast to the 1 year anniversary of this book's digital publication.

Jane, as I fondly call this book, was an immediate hit. It made the Top 100 Paid list faster than its predecessor Just One Look. To date, it has sold about 60,000 copies or more. (I really need to find the time to collate all the sales numbers from the various ebook sites.)

In December, I sold World French Rights for Print and Ebook to Bragelonne. The print book is being publishing this month, and I can hardly wait to see the book in French.

Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones: The Storyline

What could be worse for a former high school beauty queen who never landed the only man she ever loved than attending--alone--a 10-year high school reunion in a small town teetering on the edge of a time warp?At least that's how successful textile designer Jane Louise Jones views her situation and her hometown, just south of nowhere in the rolling hills of Louisiana, where a woman is still looked at as a failure if she isn't married. At least, that's what her grandmother and all the other blue-haired women of the Vernon Ladies Bridge Club would have her believe.

Jane is used to dealing with challenges, but she's decidedly nervous about her reunion. What if Morgan Sherwood, the town boy-wonder who made good in a big way, shows up? Morgan was once her secret love, a geeky teen who stole her heart and then broke it before leaving town forever.

Fortunately, her best friend assures her that Morgan will be a no-show. It's terrible when you can't trust your BFF! Morgan arrives with his entourage in a stretch limo. He's not a geeky kid any more. He's six feet of tanned, rippling muscles, and he plans to focus his high-powered brain and use every masculine charm he possesses to seduce the lovely Miss Jones.

With a former classmate intending to claim him as husband number four, a Hollywood starlet who shows up to party with him, and an old boyfriend intent on stealing Jane's affection, Morgan has more obstacles than he'd expected.Throw in the Ladies of the Bridge Club, lots of southern charm, and a ten-year old betrayal, and you have all the ingredients for a heartwarming, funny, sexy romantic comedy. Can Jane and Morgan get it right this time?

Jane wants to resist. She really does. Her brain says no, but her body says, oh, baby! Yes, yes, yes. Smoldering desire, thwarted for ten years, explodes into passion. Will it burn away their doubts or turn their love into ashes?

Takeaway Truth

Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones is a fun romp of a story. I love this book, and I love being an Indie Author!


  1. Jane is one of my favorite of your books and is probably my favorite title. You are awfully good at titles. Congratulations on the 60K sales of it!