Review: Flirting With Death by Heidi Hall

This week I read a book that's a fun mix of genres -- paranormal, mystery, espionage, a touch of romance, and a big heaping spoon full of black humor. The book? Flirting With Death by Heidi Hall.

I'll confess I totally agree with Kayla McKenna, the heroine of this first book in the Assassins Anonymous series, when it comes to drivers who yak on cell phones, people who abuse animals, anyone who is rude and crude in public, and a whole host of others that find themselves on this former government assassin's black list.

Unlike hit woman McKenna, I don't go around plotting how to whack these annoying humans. Too bad for McKenna that the government has canned her cranky behind and tossed her back into Stepford land aka suburbia. This rip-roaring droll adventure may not appeal to some readers, but I found it a hoot that I couldn't put down.

Tiny Quibble

I have one quibble. No, make that two. First quibble? The non-ending. I'm sorry, but I think even if the book is a lead in to the second book that it should have a firm satisfying ending. That said, don't let that dissuade you from this book. Definite 2 thumbs up.

Second quibble? I desperately want to read book 2, but it's not yet out. I'm just hoping that Kayla decides to go after the bad boy that got away because he turned out to be too gallant for her own good.

(Note to Heidi Hall: send me an advance review copy! Pretty please?)

Takeaway Truth

Like I always say, a good story is a little vacation between the covers of a book.

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