ISBN Database

A few years ago, I heard about ISBNdb, a digital database for books.

Just today I checked to see if the ISBNs I had registered for my ebook editions were in the database. A quick search revealed only print books so they still don't index ebooks here as far as I can tell. However, I think the database is still a useful research tool.

Originally, the website said they "archived digital records for 4.2 million books, collected from 10 million different sources. They get their data by scanning libraries worldwide for book information. The scanning is random and similar in a way to how general purpose web search engines scan web sites. Scanned results are parsed and stored in the website's searchable database. They try to cross-index the database by author, publisher, genre... ."

Takeaway Truth 

You never can tell when you might need to find a book's ISBN.

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