Shadowfever Soon

I wanted to tell you that I'm eagerly anticipating the release of the last of the books in the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.

Shadowfever is set for release next Tuesday, January 18, and I can hardly wait. I'm clearing my schedule so I can spend time reading since I've been waiting, along with several thousand other fans, for this book.

From Shadowfever's Amazon Webpage

"The Fever Series is all about seeing the truths beneath the illusions and figuring out how to deal with them—or die. While investigating her sister’s murder in Dublin, MacKayla Lane discovers that beneath the beautiful surfaces of nearly everyone and everything she encounters, there’s something else entirely. From the Fae with their deadly glamour, to the siren-call of the Unseelie king’s all-powerful book of dark magic, to Mac herself who starts out young, lovely and innocent only to end up—well, you’ll have to read Shadowfever to find that out—nothing is as it seems."

Takeaway Truth

I'm not a big fantasy fan, but this series totally captured my imagination. I have to say that the Fever books transcend genre lines.

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