Body By Computer

Did you read the study a few months ago about the fitness level of computer gamers? The university study, done in the UK, conducted a series of tests — physical and psychological — to determine whether computer game playing could be defined as a sport. So what's a gamer's body like?

I'm talking serious gamers here. The kind who actually earn thousands in prize money and sponsorship each year.

They found that professional computer gamers have the instant reactions of fighter pilots. Unfortunately, they also discovered that these gamers have physical bodies akin to 60-year-old chain smokers.

A sport? Uh, make that a big no if you're trying to say these guys are like athletes.

Of course, this started me wondering how we writers would stack up in a similar study. I mean, if you're like me, you spend most of your day in front of a computer, pecking furiously on a keyboard.

Heck! I can't even brag that I've got the reactions of a fighter pilot.

Takeaway Truth

I hereby resolve to get more exercise this year.

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