Recover Stolen Phone or Laptop

Phones and laptops are expensive. Do what you can to secure yours or to recover your equipment if the worst happens.

The other day I told you how you could use an old flash drive as a laptop alarm to alert you if someone tried to steal your laptop.

When I read an past issue of a Kim Komando newsletter, I knew the software she mentioned would make a great sequel to my laptop alarm post. The software allows you to track a stolen laptop.

Prey Project is a free program that works to track your laptop or your cell phone. Since most of the popular cell phones are pricey, this is a good tool to have.

Visit the website and read How It Works. Basically, when a thief turns on the phone or laptop, the Prey software attempts to broadcast the location. Even if it's not connected to the Internet, Prey will look for the nearest open hotspot.

There are many other features too like activate the Webcam to get a pic of the thief.

Takeaway Truth

Free software that works. What could be better?

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