Run or Shut Down?

I just read my Kim Komando newsletter and had to pass this great tip on immediately.

This is the answer to all those who wonder if they should shut their PC down at night or just let it run. I'm one of those who leave mine on 24/7 because sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and work so I don't want to wait for the boot up.

Which Is Better?

You can throw the quandary of hibernation and standby into the mix, but they just add confusion. Actually, I know that it's better to shut it down completely because shutdown and power up refreshes the hard drive and tweaks out those little running errors that sometime pop up.

KK tells about Boot Snooze which offers the benefit of the power save modes (faster start up) but also the refreshing benefits of complete shutdown.

Boot Snooze is a 1-button solution, but it only works if you don't have passwords set for user accounts. Read about it on the website. It's free, and their tagline will make you smile.

Takeaway Truth

Investigate any app that promises to help you use time more effectively — especially if it's free.

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