Holiday Gifts: Journals

I think it must be time for some more gift suggestions for writers. Why? Because I'm online shopping today to find a few more unique items so I figure you probably are too.

First, a note about the gift sources I site. In most cases, you'll get the best deal if you use the link I supply. This is especially true of any Cafe Press website.

For instance, the ceramic writer's ornament I blogged about earlier is half the price if you shop directly at The Write Way, my little cyber boutique, rather than going through a doorway site. Write Way products are listed on many other sites, but when you click through from a doorway site, the price you see is much higher than if you buy directly from my site.

At the end of today's post, I'll show you a picture of the journal I sell at The Write Way so stay tuned!

Why Journals

I like to give journals even to non-writers because, as motivational author and speaker Tony Robbins said: "A life worth living is a life worth recording."

Expensive journals are great stand-alone gifts, and inexpensive journals are great stocking stuffers. Here are some places where I like to shop.

Shakespeare's Den has many journals ranging in price from about 6 bucks to nearly $200. The journals are themed so you can find something that will appeal to wine lovers, artists, musicians, and, of course, writers.

Vickery has small to large journals, starting at a low price and going up. Some of their zen-style covers are beautiful.

Fine Keepsakes has a variety of journals including refillable ones. Prices range from low to high.

Renaissance-Art has a beautiful selection of leather-covered journals, and they also offer themed journals. Their products are hand-tooled and made in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Prices range from moderate to pricey.
The Write Way has tee shirts, bags, mugs, and journals. These journals come with lined, blank, task journal, or dot grid design.

I placed a quotation from Katherine Mansfield, one of my favorite authors, on the cover design.

These journals are 5" x 8" so they're easy to slip into your handbag. I always carry one.

Takeaway Truth

Journals can be a dumping ground for thoughts better left unspoken as well as a launch pad for imagination. Sometimes, they can save your sanity. To quote an anonymous sage: "I fall back on this journal just as some other poor devil takes to drink."


  1. Those beautifully-bound blank books don't fit in a shirt pocket, they can't be searched, and entries take forever to transcribe.

    For myself, I'm considering an upgrade to a cellphone with a keyboard, so I can post (unpublished) entries to my blog.

    Phones come with monthly bills, though, so as a gift, that ranks right up there with giving someone a yacht, which is defined as a hole in the water into which you pour money.

    Several people have told me that my friends would probably appreciate a DIY self-trepanning kit.

    Anti-spam word: preentio. Blogger has a bigger dictionary than I do, apparently.

  2. Careful, Harl. Your inner curmudgeon is escaping. *g*

    Happy Holidays!