Review: Honeymoon for One

Honeymoon for One by Beth Orsoff

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Every Woman's Nightmare

What do you get when you combine a dumped-at-the-altar bride-to-be, determined to take her dream honeymoon, an airplane seat mate eager to pose as her husband at the couples resort, a hunky Brad Pitt lookalike who inspires instant lust, and a foreign country where said bride can't speak the language?

You get Honeymoon for One, a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and BFF relationships with a dash of romance tossed in for good measure. This droll mystery, highlighted by a series of unexpected events that complicate an already complicated situation, will keep you turning the pages and smiling.

Maybe it was the tropical setting or the wacky characters. but the book was reminiscent of a Carl Hiassen novel, albeit a kinder, gentler Hiassen book.

No Spoiler

When reviewing a book, one treads a fine line of revealing enough to convince you the book is worth buying but holding back on those little surprises that make a book truly entertaining. So I'm just going to leave you with the brief description I wrote above, and a little about the wonderful characters you'll meet in Ms. Orsoff's novel.

The protagonist Lizzie Mancini, the hapless bride-to-be who finds herself un-engaged the night before the wedding, and her best friend Jane Chandler will delight you. I suspect that there's a little Lizzie in all of us.

As for BFF Jane, with her hilarious phobias and a trust fund that enables her to outfit both of them like a covert ops team, well, Jane is an original, and she's laugh out loud funny. We all need a BFF like Jane in our lives.

A Word About Kindle Books

Honeymoon for One is a Kindle book which means it's priced very inexpensively. In case you didn't know, you don't have to have a Kindle in order to purchase and read a Kindle edition. Just go to the Amazon Kindle site and download their Kindle for PC or Kindle for iPhone software.

If you want a Kindle though (I love mine!), then click here to get your own Kindle.

By the way, I'll be interviewing the author, Beth Orsoff, Sept. 21, right here on Sling Words. Drop by to discover more about this talented author.

Takeaway Truth

I like to use the rating system made famous long ago by Siskel and Ebert. I give Honeymoon for One 2 thumbs up. In fact, I liked it so much that I plan to get the author's other book Romantically Challenged.

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