6 Questions to Answer In Blogging

This post is a fundamental truth about good writing. What you'll read is very basic, yet it's often ignored by too many bloggers. Very simply, it's the need to clue in the reader about the basic facts.

Tell The Reader

One thing I've noticed in perusing lots of is that pertinent details are left out. Those details are the old 5 W's we were taught in English composition. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and don't forget to throw in How.

If you're writing a blog, stick those details in to orient the reader immediately. Don't assume the reader is on the same wave length as you. This is especially true if you're writing on the same topic that you plan to upload as a three-parter or whatever.

It's like the television shows with ongoing story lines that show pertinent scenes of previous episodes. Sometimes a voice-over says: "Previously on Burn Notice...."

6 Questions

1. Who? Who did it? Who is doing something, about which you are writing?

2. What? What happened or what's going to happen?

3. When? When did it happen or when will it occur?

4. Where? Where did it happen or where will it take place?

5. Why? Why did this occur or why will it happen?

6. How? How did it happen or how will it happen or take place?

Takeaway Truth

Always answer these questions, and your writing will be strong and concise.

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