Wine: Bottled Poetry

Just this past week, my older son and I were talking about wine. I was relating how we had such wonderful wines when we were in Europe, but those wines weren't exported since they were for the domestic market only. Wouldn't it be wonderful, I said, if we could visit a French Wine Shop each week?

You see, my husband and I, indeed, our adult children too, have more than a passing fancy and interest in wine, described by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, as: "bottled poetry."

Internet At Your Service

Since I'm such a savvy online shopper, I should have known that the Internet provided exactly the kind of wine experience I was describing. makes these wonderful, quality wines, straight from French vineyards, available directly to customers in the UK. Heretofore, these wines were mainly for the domestic market, but now, if you want a quality French Red Wine, you only need open your browser and point it to the Vinifera Boutique website.

How It Works

Obtaining great wines, whether red or a fabulous French White Wine is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The website explains it this way:

1. Each week an exclusive French wine is selected and brought from France to the UK.
2. The wine is offered for sale online for a limited time period. You should buy immediately.

3. Your wine is shipped directly to you within a week.

Vinifera Boutique carefully selects the wines from a chosen French vineyard each week. They choose different vineyards in order to showcase the wines from small, independent winemakers. When you find a wine you like, don't hesitate in clicking the Buy Now or Add To Basket button or you may miss out.

There's a clock on the wines offered for sale so you can see how much longer it will be offered. Fortunately, you can register on the website to receive updates so you'll know when a new wine is offered too.

Website Resource

For the wine fancier, the website is not only your entree into a French vineyard but also a treasury of information. Sure, you can view their inventory, but you can also learn about wine: the history, wines by region, grapes, and more.

The secure website shows testimonials from satisfied customers as well as a blog that offers an in depth discussion of wines. They also offer a downloadable wine guide in PDF format. If you've discovered a vineyard in your travels, you can suggest it to them, and they'll check it out. You just may see it as one of their selections in the future. Contact them by email, phone, fax, or use the online form.

Takeaway Truth

I completely agree with Andre Simon, author of Commonsense of Wine: "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." What a lovely way to become more civilized.

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