See In The Dark:5th Day of Christmas

What do writers and readers need? Glasses with tiny LED lights embedded in each side of the frames. Lighted Reading Glasses are probably one of the best gifts you can give or request.

Price Range: High at $89.95, but, I suspect, worth it!

My husband always sighs with exasperation when he asks if I'll be up reading. I say, "Just for a few minutes." He turns out the light and grumbles. If he gives me these for Christmas, he won't have to grumble any longer about book lights that bounce light all over the room.

I found these several months ago on Kim Komando's site and held on to the link so I could make sure my darling husband accidentally saw them too.

These glasses allow you to illuminate your reading material regardless of how dark the room may be. You can use one light or both. The batteries are replaceable. These reading glasses come in red, black or tortoise color and with strengths of 1.50, 2.0 or 2.50.

Takeaway Truth

Bedtime readers (or writers) will really enjoy something that will keep harmony in the relationship without having to give up their habit.


  1. These are great, Joan! I'm putting them on my list. Red ones. :)

  2. You and I have similar taste. I want the red ones too. *g*