Sensible Tekkie Gift: 7th Day of Christmas

Oops. I've fallen a day behind due to more family medical issues. Oh, well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice, etc. Today's gift is something you'll wonder why you never bought before. It's the Genius Surge Protector, designed with common sense and functionality in mind.

Price Range: Medium at $29.95

I've recommended this before and will continue to do so because I think it's a great gadget. The slots on this power strip are arranged so you can actually plug in all those oversized sockets. The 6 plugs are offset at a 45º angle so there's no plugging in one cord and having it block two other slots.

This is another great product I got from Kim Komando. Simply fabulous. Where does she, or her staff, find all these goodies? Give as a gift or get for yourself. You'll like it.


* Fully adjustable sockets
* Expands from 13" to 18"
* 2160 joules of surge protection
* Surge and ground LEDs
* 6 ft power cord
* Power switch with 15A reset
* Keyholes for wall mounting

Takeaway Truth

Sell a better mousetrap, or, in this case, a surge protector power strip, and the world will beat a path to your website.

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