Manly Gifts: 8th Day of Christmas

Do you find it difficult to select a gift for the men in your life? It's not like we can wrap up a car a/c compressor and tuck it under the tree. On this 8th Day of Christmas Gift Suggestions, let's explore some ideas for the testosterone set. No neckties, aftershave lotions, or funky boxers allowed.

I won't even mention video games because if you live with a vid game freak, you probably know their particular brand of poison. These suggestions are more for the non-live-in male as well as brothers, sons, dads, and other male relatives to whom you give gifts.


Men like action flicks, at least those in my life do. Keep in mind that high body count, unrealistic action sequences, and buddy humor must be in the movie you select. Oh, some female eye candy is always appreciated too.

Some good choices are Live Free Or Die Hard, the new Star Trek movie, both Transformer movies, anything with Jason Statham, the first 2 Terminator movies, or Ninja Assassin. These are all good as attested to by my darling husband (and me). G.I. Joe might be a good choice though my husband found it as ridiculous as I did.

Cinema Gift Cards

We no longer stand in line for movie tickets. We buy a gift card for our favorite cinema and just swipe it at the machine to get our tickets. Saves so much time and hassle. With Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, both of which we're anticipating, coming out, a gift card would be appreciated.


Random technology inspired gifts are always appreciated from the iPhone replaceable covers to accessories for cell, computer, and iPod/MP3 players. Just no what gadget you want to accessorize and do an online search for items or visit your local Radio Shack or electronic department of a big box store.

Miscellany Of Gift Cards

You can get gift cards for virtually any business now: auto parts stores, electronics stores, clothing, food, music, etc. You name it, and there's a gift card sold for it. Go crazy and give a fistful of them.

Takeaway Truth

Shopping for men can be fun. You might also learn a thing or two about the male world.


  1. Did I say already how brilliant this idea of yours is for if I didn't I meant to. You are briliant for this great turn at gifts/idea Christmas countdown.
    You rock lady.
    Warmest regards,

  2. Any and all compliments gratefully accepted and appreciated! Thanks, Simone.