Book Chat & Coffee with Vala Kaye

Good morning! I've got my coffee. Why not grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage and join me and my guest for some book chat?

I'm happy to welcome Vala Kaye an author of an adult literary fantasy novel to SlingWords.

Vala dropped by to tell us about her book, Dreams of the Muse., which is a bit different from the romance novels we discuss. First, you probably want to know a little about Vala.

Itsy Bitsy Biography of Vala Kaye

Vala Kaye grew up along the Texas Gulf Coast as an avid reader of science fiction, history and romance. Her favorite authors ran the gamut from Robert Heinlein to Louisa May Alcott, with the occasional Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mystery for good measure.

She has a degree in communications and was a California nomad for almost 2 decades, but Texas eventually drew her home. She's addicted to movies, live theater, word games, salsa dancing and Jane Austen adaptations from the BBC.

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Dreams of the Muse

NOTE: This novel is intended for mature readers only.

Will getting what he wants most cost him everything...and everyone...he already has?

Zach Moore vows he “would trade his soul” for the return of creativity and productivity. In an attempt to find peace and overcome crippling writer’s block, Zach and his wife Nikki move from New York City to the Hudson Valley, land of Washington Irving and the legendary Sleepy Hollow.

Beautiful, mysterious Satan worshiper Kendra Evans is waiting for him there, ready to offer Zach everything he longs for. She's loved before and been abandoned, and she isn't about to let that happen again.

Will getting what he wants most cost Zach everything … and everyone … he already has?

Filled with vivid imagery and adult themes, Dreams of the Muse is a literary fantasy about an unintended Faustian bargain of the worst kind.

Takeaway Truth

Uh oh! Sleepy Hollow calls again! If you're looking for something a bit different, Dreams of the Muse might just be the book you want. It's free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, or buy it for only $3.99 and keep it forever.

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  1. Thanks for the cuppa, Joan, and sharing "Dreams." Sleepy Hollow calls again, indeed! ~ Vala