11 Must Read Blogs You May Have Missed

March has marched in with cold temperatures again and plenty of wind.

I'm catching up on the posts I saved but didn't have time to read last month.

In case you didn't catch them either, here are a few "must reads" along with a couple from SlingWords that you also may have missed.

Blog Tours: Cost vs. Benefit by Nancy Fraser
Great overview of what it costs and what it can do for you.

Flood Of Books Diminishes Best-Seller Staying Power by Book Marketing Buzz Blog is about tracking the best-sellers of 2016.

A very interesting fact this blog pointed out: "In a sign of the times, higher on the trade paperback best-seller list in terms of the number of books on the list in 2016, was Creates Space – over Thomas Nelson, Scribner, Grove, Workman, Harper Perennial, Touchstone or Dey Street."

12 Blog Tips for 2017
How to have more fun and blog faster.

Pixar's 15 Rules of Storytelling by Nicholas Rossis
Unleash your inner storyteller.

Transfer Smashwords Book to Kindle Ereader
How to download from Smashwords and send to your Kindle.

40 Excel Tricks
Just what it says.

Love Audio Books? Stretch Your Money
How to get more audio books for less money.

How to Use Guest Blogging to Promote Your Book
I missed this one back in May when it first published. Info is still valid.

7 Security Tips Avoid Online Scams
Safe practices to make habits.

Is the Mind-Killer in Control of Your Life by Kristen Lamb
Change your thinking.

Books That Cook by Nancy Fraser
Great recipe for Monte Cristo Sandwiches.

Takeaway Truth

There's so much wonderful content on the Internet that it's easy to miss some really good information.

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