Kindle Sale

After 7 years of rigorous use, my Kindle died! I had the one with the keyboard and the free 3G plus the buttons on the side for menu, page forward, page back, etc.

I've read hundreds of books over the years. Maybe thousands. I carried it everywhere and never was without something good to read. I've read in airports, hospitals, doctors' reception rooms, post offices, banks, grocery stores, and department stores. You name it, and my trusty Kindle was there with me, keeping me entertained.

Playing Taps

When I saw the gray bars begin creeping down from the top of the screen, my heart clenched in panic. No! What was I going to do without it?

I knew it was going to die completely. The gray lines grew until the pixelated mess obscured the first 2 inches of the display.

I spent a lot of time online trying to find an easy solution for the display degradation. No help anywhere. Then I began a search for Kindle Repair. Same result.

Today, I made the sad decision to--sniff, sniff--buy a new Kindle. That required more time online to figure out the one that met all my needs. Fortunately, Amazon had a device sale today for Prime Members.

Online Research

After I analyzed and compared, I chose the Kindle Voyage, which has its own light source and the PagePress button for turning pages. I hate all that swiping to turn pages. I read pretty fast and constant swiping gets tiring.

I saved some bucks by getting the WiFi version rather than the WiFi/3G version that I wanted. I can rough it I suppose and download via WiFi. *grumble, grumble*

If you've wanted a Kindle, and you're a prime member, click here to check out the Kindles on sale.

Takeaway Truth

I should get it by Wednesday and be happily reading again.


  1. Joan,
    Sorry to hear of your Kindle dying. What did you learn about the screen issues?

    I look forward to hearing your review of your new Kindle.

    Keep rocking the keyboards!

    1. Hey, Ziba Bird. I'm posting my thoughts on the Kindle Voyage after owning it for nearly a week. Look for it on Tuesday, April 4.