Time for Spring Cleaning? Nope!

Ah, spring. Today is the first day of that glorious season. In Texas, it really is glorious. Wildflowers, fresh air, sunny days. Robin's egg blue skies. That's what spring is.

However, when I was a kid, I rarely noticed those things because I was busy, helping my mom with the annual rite of spring cleaning.

Anyone Remember Spring Cleaning?

My mom used to go into serious domestic overdrive when spring arrived. She gave new meaning to the phrase spring cleaning.

Curtains would be taken down and washed. Wax would be stripped from floors. Walls would be washed. Oh, my. The list of cleaning tasks that she thought necessary just because the season changed was formidable.

Me? I'm the opposite. When spring comes, I want to work in the garden, pick flowers, and stare up at the blue sky and fluffy clouds from the comfort of a lounge chair on my back deck.

Spring Break & Other Spring Anomalies

I think spring break must have been invented for people like me. Spring is my favorite season even though the fragrant flowers and budding trees mean everything is covered in a yellow haze. Ahchoo! Good thing someone invented allergy pills and Flonase.®

Spring cleaning, spring allergies, spring break, and spring fever. Spring fever has become the namesake for many things including college festivals, triathlons, mixed drinks, perfume, several movies, poems, and books. The spring equinox has figured in human history for thousands of years from pagan rituals to college pagan rituals known as spring break.

Sap Rises

When days grow longer and warmer, primitive people obviously felt a need to celebrate surviving another winter. The sap rose, in more ways than horticultural, if you get my drift.

Human instinct doesn't seem to have changed much since primitive man hunted mastodons. Even today, we look forward to similar pursuits that involve shedding winter woolens and slipping on tee shirts, shorts, and sandals.

Takeaway Truth

Step outside and revel in the glory that is spring.

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