Thursday3Some: Books by Tess St. John, Karen Kelley, Rachelle Ayala

I haven't had time for a Thursday3Some lately so I'm excited to bring you 3 reviews today.

The links to the reviews go to Amazon, but the books are probably at other ebook sellers too so just do a search for the title at your favorite ebook seller.

These three books offer varying types of romance. Chance Encounter, only 99cents, is a Regency with some heat in the marriage consummation love scene. Southern Comfort is romantic suspense with a gritty edge, and it's free. Bad Boys is sexy and is free on Kindle Unlimited ($2.99 if you're not a KU subscriber). So get ready for some fun.

Chance Encounter by Tess St. John

Readers who love traditional Regency romance should try Tess St. John and Chance Encounter--especially since it's only 99 cents. Although the book is set a few years past what is strictly called the Regency era, it reflects the mores and attitudes of that era beloved by romance readers. I think the restraint of traditional Regency is what draws readers to this genre. Restraint where a look can speak volumes of the emotions seething within builds the sexual tension between the heroine and hero so that when the couple finally share passion, it's like fireworks going off.

Fireworks! That's the love scenes after Liam and Jean are married. They're passionate and a bit explicit, but, if you are a strictly traditional Regency reader, don't let that deter you. You will probably place this book on your keeper shelf.

Banked emotion and restraint is what Ms. St. John offers in this story featuring not one but two romances. Each romance has the kind of hero we all want in our lives: a man who recognizes even before the heroine that she is the woman for him so he lets nothing deter him from convincing her of the same.

Something I adored about this book was the way the author foreshadowed the main plot involving Liam and Jean with a talisman, or motif. Look for it in the first few paragraphs. I was halfway through the book, at the point Jean and Liam design their little deception, when I realized that the author had foreshadowed that from the beginning, creating a delightful surprise for the discerning reader.

Southern Comfort by Karen Kelley

This romantic suspense opens with an explosive scene, and it keeps that pace up.

Undercover DEA agent, Fallon Hargis, is smart-mouthed and smart-thinking, and she doesn't take no for an answer in anything.

Small town sheriff, Wade Tanner, is more than a match for her, and he's prepared to do what is needed to keep her alive. Even if he has to fight her in the process.

There's nothing like a smart, sexy woman and a tough small town sheriff battling it out with murderous drug dealers.

Karen Kelley is a USA Today bestselling author who knows her genre inside and out. This book is free so there's no downside in grabbing it. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker by Rachelle Ayala

Oh, boy! This book will make you grin from the opening sentences.

Seriously. Can you not grin at the thought of some guy answering a phone, "Bad Boys for Hire. Can I help you?"

From the opening sentence to the end of the book, this sexy romance is pure fun. The Book Description says: "A modern day Romeo and Juliet story with a surprising twist."

Bad Boys: Ryker is Book 1 in this series by USA Today Bestselling Author Rachelle Ayala, and it's billed as a Motorcycle Romance.

Free on Kindle Unlimited, this ebook is $2.99 for non-subscribers.

Takeaway Truth

Take advantage of these bargains while they're offered for free or low-cost.

Load your Kindle for some exciting weekend reading.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker.

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