Website: December Update Highlights

Oops! I nearly forgot to tell you the highlights of the December update to my website. Since there are some great things on the website this month, I guess better late than never applies.

The theme for December is Giving. The Written Wisdom quotations about Giving are from: Barbara Bush, Buddha, Lydia M. Child, Dale Evans, Audrey Hepburn, Francois de La Rochefoucauld, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

In Reading, there's a great interview with popular erotica author, P. J. Mellor.

In Writing, there's Sticky Is Good, an article that will help writers with their web presence.

Wordplay, my website subscription newsletter, has a feature from me So This Is Christmas.

Work In Progress has 12 of 12, the latest in my updates and/or inspiration for me and you too maybe.

Previously Published has Think Outside the Box on finding markets for your previously published work.

Takeaway Truth

I try to offer new content that's entertaining and educational on my website with each first of the month update.


  1. Hi Joan!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. With all the holiday season madness, I finally updated my blog. Also added a link to your site.

    As always, I'm very glad you keep your blog up to date, it's very refreshing and good to see how inspiration flows out of you daily.



  2. Ice, you always say the nicest things. Btw, the bridge at night pic on your blog is very nice. There's just something about illuminated objects at night that make even the most prosaic of structures beautiful.