Single Sentence Novel

This was in my Publishers Lunch report last week. Read this then tell me if your reaction was also, well, WTF.

Mathias Enard's ZONE, A 500-page, single-sentence French novel, with Charlotte Mandell translating, to Open Letter, for publication in summer 2010, by Actes Sud.

I wonder if it's grammatically correct? I'll never know because I won't buy it. Why? I don't think a single-sentence French novel can be the kind of book I'd find a page turner. I'd probably fall asleep counting the commas.

Takeaway Truth

Like Sly and the Family Stone sang: "Different strokes for different folks."


  1. Most probable single sentence review: Merde.

  2. Ha ha you guys are so cynical! I really love this kind of humor! Keep at it!