Holiday #9 & #10: Paper and Pen

Do you remember the tactile pleasure of writing with pen on paper?

Day in and day out, I compose at the keyboard. Electrical energy transforms my keystrokes into binary bits and words appear on the monitor screen. That's great for efficiency, but sometimes it's so refreshing to settle into a comfy chair, open a beautifully bound journal, take a beautiful pen in hand, and just write.

The physical act of writing is pleasurable. These time-honored implements of writing have a sensory experience all their own. The smooth whiteness of a quality paper. The easy flow of black ink as I move the pen across the paper, depositing dark, dramatic squiggles that turn into words on the pristine surface of the paper.

I love beautiful writing implements and good quality paper. I have more than a dozen pens that are weighted, balanced just right to make the act of writing comfortable.

The writing pens shown here are from Levenger though good pens are sold many places i.e. Target, Office Depot, etc. and at prices from low to high.

You can also find excellent paper at any of the stores mentioned or shop Levenger for paper too.

Takeaway Truth

Take a break from the keyboard and enjoy the physical act of writing.

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