Holiday #7: Ornament for Writers

I'm particularly proud of this ceramic Christmas Ornament for Writers. Why? Because I designed it, and the sentiment is what I believe about the importance of words which are all too often taken for granted.

This design also can be found on long-sleeved tee shirts and sweatshirts at my cyber shop The WRITE Way. If you haven't visited The WRITE Way before, I hope you'll click over there now.

All the products feature my own designs. It's the place to buy gifts for writers (and promotional items if you are a writer). Like I always say: Gifts and Promotions for Writers designed by a Writer.

Of course, I am my shop's best customer. I have this ornament on my tree, and I give it to friends who are writers also. And, yes, in case you want to know, I have my coffee mugs in my kitchen; I wear my tee shirt designs; I carry my tote bag designs too.

Takeaway Truth

I'm proud of being a writer. I hope you are too - whether you made a dollar or a gazillion dollars this year.


  1. Hey Joan,

    This is Jesse from CreateSpace. I'll take all the advice and suggestions I can get. I've been fooling around with this book stuff for nearly ten years and have been mostly just frustrated. Three of my book were printed by Bangkok Book House but I've yet to find either an agent or publisher in the U.S. and I have hundreds of rejection letters to prove it.

    By the way, you got a pretty good site. Actually I should say sites if CafePress is yours too. Great sense of humor too. I need to get one of those tee-shirts for kids (smile).

    It's been a pleasure meeting you. I wish you the best in your writing career. I can be reached at

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