Cold Weather

Quote of the Week

It is impossible, to me at least, to be poetical in cold weather.
George Eliot, in a letter written in 1840, George Eliot's Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals, by J. W. Cross, 1884

We each have our preferred seasons - those times when we feel most creative. I'm a southern girl who has lived most of her life in sub-tropical climes, except for the coldest year I ever spent, living in South Dakota. That was the year I committed to memory The Cremation of Sam Magee by Robert Service. I'm not much of a winter chick. Does winter make me creative, imaginative, and poetical? Not so much.

In Texas, when winter pays a rare visit, I just want to curl up on the couch under an afghan, and read a good book. Fortunately, with the holidays upon us, I'm winding down my writing days so I can enjoy the blustery wind from the warmth of my living room.

Though I don't care for cold weather, I enjoy the rare winter day when the wind blows, the temp hovers around 45, and we're snug and warm inside. My husband watches the game of his choice on TV. I snuggle under the afghan on the couch with my book of choice. Something fragrant simmers on the stove. Today, it's a big pot of homemade chili releasing the aroma of onions, garlic, cumin, and peppers.

Takeaway Truth

Happiness is found in small moments so it's entirely possible to be happy each day.


  1. Wow 45 degrees sounds so warm about now. Everything up here in Seattle is encased in snow, about 8 inches to a foot in some places. I shoveled about 4 times over the weekend, and yet, still more snow.

    I still have chains on my truck and still have to defrost all the ice encasing it.

    Texas and chili sounds so wonderful!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I'll take my south Texas winter any time over any place - except maybe Hawaii.

    Happy Holidays to you too!