Allen: This Hog's For You

I have a great brother-in-law named Allen. He reads my blog though he's not really interested in most of the topics I talk about. However, that will change with this blog because I'm writing it just for him.

You see the delight of Allen's life - other than his wife and family - is his 100th Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Deuce Softail. I have to admit that it is a gorgeous bike. Gold and black and shiny. I guess you'd call it a macho guy's bling.

Guess what, Allen! I've got a tip for you. Next time you want to get some custom parts for your baby, visit Cruiser for all parts motorcycle.

P. S. Tell Bertha I said hi! (That's his wife who rides on the back of his hog.)

Takeaway Truth

Even chicks dig bikes.


  1. I hear ya. Am looking at buying a new Road King for these wide open spaces Down Under. It's all a part of my mid-life crisis, and even has my wife's blessing.

  2. Hey, Baz! My husband always had a bike until a few years ago. If we lived somewhere other than the Houston-area, I'd give him my blessing to get another one. But the traffic here! Just trying to get out of town to country roads is a scary experience. So we bought a convertible T-Bird when the retro styled models came out. Still have the wind in our faces but a little safer. At least that's how we rationalize it. Needless to say, my husband loves to visit his brother who owns the Harley.