After Santa Comes Uncle Sam

By the time I pack up the Christmas ornaments, I'm also packing up the business papers for the year. I'm one of those people who keeps every receipt and journalizes every penny of income and expense for my writing business. By mid-January, I have a tax return draft completed, awaiting only the proper forms to arrive in the mail so I can file my tax return.


I realized a long time ago that not everyone is as efficient as I when it comes to taking care of their tax business. My dear mother-in-law, bless her kind heart, rarely had her paperwork ready to file in April so she always needed an extension. There are a lot of procrastinators out there, and you know who you are.

The trouble with procrastination is that eventually you end up between a rock named IRS and a hard place called panic. If you are one of many who have problems in this area, including delinquent tax returns, then I'm going to direct you to a website that just might provide some panic relief.

Online Help

Panic relief is good, but Tax Relief can also help you with some Tax Relief, germane to your specific situation.

As I always say, check out a website's credibility. You'll notice that Tax Relief Specialists has been featured on ABC, Fox, and MSN. Read their testimonials, and you'll see the full names of people who have used them with excellent results. They sport the D&B and BBB badges.

You'll also notice their mission statement that they can help you with any state or IRS tax issue. Further, they vow: "No problem is too big for us to handle."

Myriad Services

These specialists offer services ranging from payroll issues to helping set up an income tax payment plan. Whatever your problem, chances are good that they can help you. In fact, the site has an 800 number where you can talk to a live human immediately.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes you just need some pro help to get you back on the right track.


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