Saturday fun

Today is supposed to be a day to relax, right? DH's idea of relaxing is shopping for a new vehicle. Actually, I think the activity can more specifically be called a hobby. He loves studying the ads, visiting the various dealerships, looking at new vehicles, test driving, and haggling over prices. Me? I'd rather watch bass fishing on television or watch paint dry--both activities much more entertaining.

Today was the local Honda dealership where he drove an Accord and an Element but lusted after the Ridgeline pickup that he'd actually planned to buy until they hit the dealerships with window signs that blared: 16/21 mpg. He won't let himself buy such a flagrant gas hog even though he loved everything about the truck.

Tomorrow is a Chevy dealership that's open on Sundays. Here in Texas, car dealers can operate 6 days a week. If they're open on Saturday, they have to be closed on Sunday and vice versa. At the Chevy house, as they say in west Texas, he's looking for the new HHR 2LT--kind of a retro version of a Suburban, but scaled down in size.

Will keep you posted on the progress of the new vehicle hunt. I have a sinking feeling this will occupy quite a few weekends to come because what he really wants is another big old SUV like the 4WD Tahoe he currently drives. The Tahoe has been a great vehicle and actually has no problems, but it now has over 100,000 miles on it. In Houston traffic, that gives one a certain feeling of anxiety.

I finished off the day by uploading my web site update.

Sling Words out.


  1. I think you might have gotten my link from Bill Crider's blog--are you from Alvin, too? My parents live there and are friends with Bill--he and I have met once, but I just found his blog the other day and wrote him a note there!

    Anyway, I have to tell you--I'm not the Cathy who asked you to define "coon-ass"--but it did make for interesting reading on my tag board! And it did get me to visit your web site and blog! Nice to find another fellow Texan out here!

  2. Sorry for the error, Cathy. Actually, I clicked on the comment at Lipstick Chronicles blog where someone asked me what coonass meant then emailed according to the addy to which I was led--not through Bill's blog at all.

    Yes, I know Bill though I do not live in Alvin. I'm in Houston area which
    covers a lot of territory. Most writers in the Houston area know each other or at least have heard of each other.

  3. Ah, yes, I visit The Lipstick Chronicles pretty often too! Well, nice to meet you--of course as a Texan I was bound to know what "coon-ass" meant anyway! Am glad to have found your blog and books though!