My heart is heavy with sorrow

Today has been a difficult day. What an understatement. Today seemed to begin last night with an emotional outburst and hurtful comments from someone I thought I knew well, but that paled into insignificance with the news learned this day.

An old friend called to tell us his wife lost her battle with breast cancer. She is at peace now, but leaves a family and friends who miss her deeply.

An author I respect tremendously for her honesty and generosity of spirit revealed the tragedy that has rocked her family. Her young adult son has confessed to a double murder. She told of the years of struggle to help him as he entered the criminal justice system. I could easily imagine tears falling from her eyes as she wrote of the unsuccessful rehab, therapists, and court appearances because I too was moved to tears--for her and her family and for the victims and their families.

The dawn of this day brought devastation to people who did nothing to deserve it. So, when you hear of this, and you probably will, have some compassion for all the innocent victims. Sometimes, you can do all that is humanly possible to save someone, but in the end, you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. At some point, we all become responsible for our choices and our decisions.

As mothers, we can only pray that our children take to heart all we've tried to instill in them and choose wisely. Ultimately, that's all we can do. Pray for those we love. Even when we know they are lost.

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