Free Stones—Jonathon Stone Mysteries That Is

My friend James Moushon, an author, a book industry blogger, and a best friend to authors, has a free mystery ebook for you! 

Operation Camp Navajo, a Jonathon Stone Mystery, is free until November 5, 2021.

There are 17 short stories in the series, and each story will be FREE in the next few months. Check AmazonHBS Author's Spotlight Blog, or James's Website for exact dates and details.

About Operation Camp Navajo

Jonathan Stone is a CIA agent who works domestically. He's assigned to the CLASSIFIED CIA DOT Division. His ops involve terrorism and espionage.

Camp Navajo Weapon Station near Flagstaff, Arizona, is robbed, and Stone and fellow agent Dale Oak are dispatched to the area to ensure that CIA weapons stored at the site are intact. Upon arrival, he finds the FBI has taken charge and has quickly caught the thieves.

Case closed. After a drive through the area and listening to the details of the crime from the FBI, things just don't add up. A complete search of the facilities finds explosives are missing. Stone is tasked with finding them before they are used.
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Check out the entire Jonathan Stone Mystery Series.

I think all are in Kindle Unlimited so if you're a subscriber, they're free reads. Lucky you!

Takeaway Truth

Remember, Operation Camp Navajo is free only until Nov. 5 so get your copy today.

If you're an author, thank James for his unflagging support.

Thank you, James! 


  1. How lovely that James Moushon has another Jonathan Stone Mystery available. I've read several in the past and look forward to this one. Thanks, James, for all you do for authors.

  2. What a treat from James! I look forward to reading this story. James, thank you for the many times you've helped other authors. You are a good example for us. Best wishes and keep those Jonathan Stone stories coming!

  3. Hats off to James this time! To the author who does so much to support other authors. I look forward to reading this new book!

  4. James is a wonderful writer and supporter of other writers. thrilled for his success.

  5. I've downloaded my free copy of the book and shared the information on my social media sites!

  6. I'll be rushing over to get the books as soon as I say my hello to James. You've been a wonmderful supporter to many if us, my friend, and it's a pleasure to work with you now. I'll be copying this post and putting it on my blog, too. I'm sure Joan won't mind - I'll give her credit :-) but I know my followers will be delighted.

  7. Oh, I am so ready to read (listen on Alexa) this story!
    I'm glad you got another book out, James!

  8. James is a talented author. This is a wonderful deal!

  9. Congratulations, James! Sounds like another winner! Thank you for the free offer. I'm downloading my copy. And thanks for all your support!

  10. I see you're number one James - Congratulations - I have my copy !!!

  11. Thank you all for showing Jim some love! Enjoy his book.

  12. Happy to be able to return the favor- I've gotten my copy and spread the message around the block. Happy sales!