3 Great Personal Growth Videos

YouTube has millions of videos and countless numbers of them tell viewers how to feel better emotionally, how to overcome obstacles, how to achieve goals, etc.

We're all works in progress.

Like many of you, when I'm tackling something new, I armor myself with optimism, affirmations, a plan of attack, and anything else I think will help me achieve something new and/or different.

I stumbled across some trending videos on YouTube the other day, and I was struck by how common sense, articulate, and, well, doable the ideas expressed in them were.

Of course, I want to share them with everyone. Let me know what you think about them.

(1) What's Wrong With an Ordinary Life by Alain de Botton — Wow. Finally, someone says out loud that it's okay not to be a super star, a Steve Jobs, or an 18-year-old wunderkind. That living an ordinary life can be fulfilling and rewarding.

(2) How Changing Your Story Can Change Your Life by Dr. Bruce Lipton — Super Wow! This video addresses what holds each of us back: the self-identity held by our subconscious. This is our basic unconscious view of ourselves.

(3) The 2 Minute Rule Will Quickly Change Your Life by James Clear — Having a hard time just getting started on something you know you want to achieve? Here is the simplest way I've ever heard of to make yourself to take action.

I was so taken with the ideas in Bruce Lipton's video that I went to Amazon to find his books.

The Biology of Belief is the result of what Lipton discovered with his scientific research on how cells control their physiology and behavior. 

Takeaway Truth

These 3 videos come from the Fight Mediocrity Channel

I encourage you to visit the channel and make a playlist using the videos that might assist you in your journey.

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