Review: Lying and Stealing

Recently, Darling Hubby and I happened upon a bargain to beat all bargains: a Samsung 65" TV at a mind-boggling low price. We didn't hesitate and scooped it up.

Now, this behemoth sits on top of my dresser in the bedroom. It spans the top of the dresser, leaving only 3 inches from each end.

Wow! It's turned our bedroom into a theater room. *LOL* The first movie we watched was Lying and Stealing, a Netflix offering.

The movie was blurbed this way: "An art thief who steals from L.A.'s elite finds a kindred criminal spirit in an aspiring actress who has a knack for disguises."

To our delight, the movie, released in 2019, is clever, suspenseful, and compelling with sound characterization. There's a backstory that's an emotional mine field, and a nice twist ending that is satisfying even if you see it coming.

Movie Info: The Cast

One critic labeled the cast as "second tier," but there's nothing second tier about the actors led by Theo James as Ivan Warding, an art thief taking from the movers and shakers in LaLa Land, not just for the coin, but for a deeper more personal reason.

Emily Ratajkowski is Elyse Tibaldi, an actress who's on a Hollywood producer's blacklist and is a surprisingly smart cookie.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach is Ray Warding, Ivan's brother for whom rehab is a swinging door. He's funny and damaged all at the same time. Great portrayal by this actor. As you'll learn, both brothers share the same emotional baggage.

Fred Melamed is Dimitri MaropakisIsiah, the big baddie of this story.

You'll recognize the other actors in lesser roles. All in all you'll enjoy this caper flick.

Production Credits

Directed by Matt Aselton
Written by Matt Aselton and Adam Nagata
Produced by Mohamed AlRafi, Naomi Despres, and  Michael Costigan
Cinematography by Corey Walter
Edited by Geoff Hounsell
Music by Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli
Production Companies: Cota Films,   50 Degrees Entertainment, Voltage Pictures
Distribution: Vertical Entertainment and DirecTV Cinema
Released: July 12, 2019 in the United States
Movie Language: English

Behind the Stars Details

In case Theo James looks familiar, it's because he's been in several popular movies like the Divergent series. He was also named as "the new face of Hugo Boss" in 2015.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach has a long list of credits including Damages, The Punisher, Person of Interest, the Law and Orders, and many other popular and critically acclaimed series.

Emily Ratajkowski is a model who stepped into show biz in a Maroon 5 video.

If you're not a Netflix subscriber, you can rent or buy Lying and Stealing from Amazon. It's definitely worth $2.99 to rent. You can buy it for only $4.99.

Takeaway Truth

It's hot outside even at night. Stay inside. Put this on your watchlist, pop some corn, and have a movie night.

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