Gross Facts From History

In recent reading, I came across some gross interesting facts about life during the medieval and Renaissance periods.

History of life back then is usually romanticized by most. In truth, I think we'd have had a difficult time living then.

Men's Names

It certainly would have been confusing because nearly 70% of the male population was named Robert, William, Henry, John, or Richard.

OMG, the Undergarment

Then there's the issue of clothing. This is nearly incomprehensible to our modern way of life, but women and men of the 10th centure wore an undergarment that covered them from their neck to the floor with their arms covered all the way to the wrists.

Here's the unbelievable part. This suffocating undergarment was sewn onto their bodies! Can you imagine? There was no way to remove it until it literally fell apart. Then the poor souls were sewn into a new one. The purpose behind this confining garment was to keep them from bathing as well as preventing sexual shenanigans.

Oh, my! Can you imagine the smell? Just think of how long it took that sturdy cotton to rot away. (Side Note. Considering the population grew, it appears that it wasn't a good birth control method.)

Personal Hand Warmer?

Women wore long dresses that covered everything. Men were tunics, tights, shorts. Their garments had numerous pockets sewn in. These pockets could be buttoned shut to keep out the cold winter air. In the winter, it was common to place live rodents in the pockets to help them stay warm.

Nope. I'd just shiver in the typical woman's long, flowing gown that had long flowing sleeves but no rats in a pocket. (I hope.)

Takeaway Truth

If they invent a time machine, I think I'll avoid the Renaissance in the winter.

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