Thursday3Some: 3 Insights About Trail of Secrets by Nora LeDuc

This morning, I welcome Nora LeDuc to SlingWords. 

In case you haven't met Nora before, she writes romance with a mystery thriller edge. She's also one of my Romance Gems pals and blogs there on the 29th of each month.

Discover Nora LeDuc

Nora grew up in rural New England where she and her family currently live. She first decided to become an author when she spotted an article, “You Too Can Be A Romance Writer,” while searching for romances to read. 

Immediately, she knew this profession was meant for her. Through the years, she’s enjoyed combining her love of true-crime shows with her imagination to produce romantic suspense and mysteries that will keep you guessing.

During the past three winters, Nora visited her friends, the Winettes, in Florida. While there, she imagined and wrote the first book of her latest series, Love & Lies in Paradise. Book 2 releases in August 2021.Stay tuned later in the year for news of her Holiday Romance.

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Trail of Secrets, Book 1 of Love & Lies in Paradise

Who killed the vivacious Emily McGuire and laid out her body at the water tower? Orderly, rule-abiding Mia McGuire is the least likely person to answer this question.

Lately, her life has taken a downward spiral with her sister Emily’s murder, the breakup with her boyfriend, and the loss of her editing position. 

When the homicide investigation crawls, Mia can’t stand by doing nothing. She’s convinced the murderer is nearby, watching. 

She hires the problematic former bad boy Lucas Davis to help her find the truth. After suffering trauma from a shooting on the job, ex-police officer Lucas Davis resigned his post. 

Once known as a daredevil in his small Florida town, he has become an embarrassment to his dad, the police chief. 

When Mia offers him investigative work, he quickly accepts to prove he still possesses the skills and guts to solve the case. Together, these two unlikely sleuths form an intimate bond and are determined to beat the odds. They set out to bring a terrifying killer to justice before he targets them.

3 Insights About Trail of Secrets

1. What inspired you to write this particular story?

Growing up in New England and experiencing the cold winter months, I eagerly looked forward to escaping to the warm temperatures of Florida. Once there, the state’s natural beauty and the surrounding sites inspired me to incorporate them in my next romantic suspense. As usual, I’d no idea what would happen except I’d share the places that intrigued me with readers.

The water tower standing over us, the rail trail walks surrounded by jungle like foliage, and the picturesque sandy beaches were woven into the major points of Trail of Secrets. In the story, the water tower overlooked the scene of the crime. The rail trail became the path of the victim’s last journey, and the beach stood out as a place of hope for my hero and heroine where they finally meet and express their love.

2. Was there a favorite scene you wrote that you'd like to share with the audience?

I’ll share the final scene from Trail of Secrets. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. The hero Lucas is showing the heroine Mia his new home.

Excerpt from Trail of Secrets

Colorful surfboards were mounted on a long wall. Two windows at the end looked out onto towering Queen and Fan palms. They mixed with the blooming bushes of reds, oranges, and yellows and mirrored the colors in the room.

“It’s your dream! I love it. What else are you planning?” She pivoted around. “A few pieces of furniture would be nice.”

“They’re coming.” He tapped his index finger on his chin. “I need your opinion.”

“I will do my best.” She lifted her head upward meeting his gaze.

“This is how I picture the bare space on the other wall. Bookcases. Lots of bookcases.” He waved his hands in the air.

“Okay. Are they for surfing trophies?” She imagined shiny gold statues.

“No, they’re for books. In a special library type order.”

She turned to him. A slice of hope filtered through her. “Go on.”

“They all say, Editor, Mia McGuire, inside.”

A spark of understanding flashed through her. Her heart skipped a beat. At least she thought she understood. “I like your thinking, Davis. Tell me more.”

His expression grew solemn. “I’ve missed you, Mia. I want to be with you.”

Her breath left her. She couldn’t speak. Was he saying what she longed to hear?

“You’re what matters in my life. The world is tough, especially with our baggage, but together we can take it on. And win.” He rested his palms on her hips and looked down at her. “I’m falling in love with you,” his voice softened. “In fact, I’m totally crazy about you.” The heat in his eyes increased.

The heady feeling of anticipation and happiness burst through her. “I’m crazy about you, too.” She slipped her arms around his neck. “What’s your diagnosis? Is there a cure for us?”

“None. It’ll be you and me in the sea of life.”

“A figure of speech! You know how to sweep a girl off her feet, Lucas.” She tilted her head

back. Happiness lifting her spirits higher and higher. “So here’s to living happily ever after.

“Always.” He bent and kissed her.

3. Do you have a review of the book that really resonated with you, the author, that you'd like to share with the audience?

Here’s a part of one of my favorite reviews by Ally Swanson on the Fabulous and Brunette Blog.

“The author did a fantastic job on her character development as these characters were so real and personal on many levels! I love Nora’s writing style that everyone and anyone is a suspect. She makes reasonable, valid points of why they’re on the chopping block, and then appropriately clears them in due time, and then moves on to the next. 

"This book has a creative story line with well executed plot points, excellent mystery structured scenarios, fantastic writing style with detailed scenes, relatable characters, is fast paced, and keeps you fully engaged and entertained. There are some predictable scenes. However, there are still many unexpected twists and turns and misdirection’s that you won’t see coming!

"This book is book one in the Love & Lies in Paradise Book Series and can be read as a standalone. All in all, I really enjoyed reading it and would absolutely recommend it! So, add it to your TBR List and get to reading -you won't be disappointed!"

Thanks, Nora, for dropping by today and sharing these insights with the readers of SlingWords.

Takeaway Truth

If you haven't read Nora LeDuc before, now is your chance. Grab a copy of Trail of Secrets, Book 1 of Love & Lies in Paradise and have a great weekend reading.


  1. Thanks for having me today, Joan. You have an interesting site. Lots to see and read here!

    1. You're welcome, Nora. It's a pleasure to read your insights about Trail of Secrets.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting read! And I like how you incorporated your surroundings into the tale! I'll have to keep my eye out for the rest in this series! Thanks for sharing it, Joan!