Happy Earth Day: Stop Littering

Many years ago there was an anti-litter campaign with a famous commercial known as The Tear, or The Crying Indian.

Watch Iron Eyes Cody anti-litter video.

The commercial starred Iron Eyes Cody, an actor who had appeared in many movies. The iconic image of Iron Eyes Cody crying because of the way people were littering everywhere they went stuck with me.

Unfortunately, every generation seems to need a lesson on keeping the natural world clean.

In the last year, I've noticed more litter on grassy areas next to highways. I've even seen it on city streets.

Upset over this, I did a little research on litter and found it's a growing problem in most countries. Many countries have stiffened the penalties for littering because it creates an atmosphere of neglect and can actually lower property values and affect property leasings in commercial centers. 

Throwing fast food containers, drink cups, even disposable diapers, and other garbage onto the sides of roads and streets is reprehensible.Not only does it spoil the natural beauty of our world but also it creates an economic problem because someone or several someones have to be employed to clean the mess up.

Sadly, the litter can pollute rivers and streams, kill fish, and injure wild life who graze upon the litter they find. In eating the traces of food, animals end up ingesting pieces of styrofoam cartons, plastic lids, and other debris.

When you throw garbage along walking paths or roads, it's the same as throwing it in someone's yard because the Earth belongs to everyone. Would you like someone to throw a bag of garbage on your lawn, by your front door, or on your driveway?

Make 2 Resolutions Today

I call upon you as a citizen of the Earth to change your habits. 

As it says in the famous Iron Eyes Cody video, "People start pollution. People can stop it."

1. Stop littering. There's no excuse for throwing trash wherever you happen to be walking or driving.

Place trash in the receptacles that can be found just about everywhere. If you can't find a trash can, take your trash home and put it in your own garbage can.

2. Teach your children to respect their world. Show them by example.

Takeaway Truth

Everyone talks about saving the planet and cleaning up the enviornment, but they talk about big things like car exhaust and factories that pollute. We can't do anything about that, but we can all do something about litter. 

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