Review: I Do...Again by Nancy Fraser from Last Chance Beach: Summer's End

I've started reading the stories in Last Chance Beach: Summer's End.

I'm reading and reviewing one story at a time.

Thursday I reviewed Something New by Liz Flaherty

Today, I'm reviewing I Do...Again by Nancy Fraser.

At a high school reunion; old flames meet again. Can they re-ignite what they once had and take a last chance on love?

Ah, the high school reunion! That's the event that sends women to the gym, the spa, and the shopping malls in an attempt to look their very best. Guys? I don't know what men do to get ready for that stressful event—probably nothing.

Nancy Fraser opens the story of Lily and Mitch with Meatloaf's song, I'd Do Anything for Love. The song is appropriate for what happened to this couple who loved each other in school. If you know the line that follows, you realize that doing anything for love apparently has limitations.

Those limitations derailed this couple who should have ended up together. Seeing each other again after so many years apart brings back familiar feelings.

But is there anything deeper there other than nostalgia? After all, a high school reunion is a few days away from reality. What happens when the reunion is over?

That's the question, and the author skillfully takes us through the uncertainty and vulnerability each of the lovers feel as they try to find an answer to that question.

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  1. Joan, thank you so much for featuring my I Do...Again on today's blog. It was an honor to work with all these talented author in putting together Last Chance Beach: Summer's End. I look forward to reading your take on the rest of the stories in the set.

  2. Can't wait to read this, Joan, and all the others as well.

  3. I'm reading this one right now! Loving it...