10 Things Authors Do on Release Day

Today is the big day! 

What do authors do on the day a book is published.

This is what I usually do on release day. 

I'm pretty sure the 13 other authors who created Last Chance Beach: Summer's End will be doing the same.

1. Check my Kindle to see if the book looks good or if something happened and the file blew up, and it's nothing but line after line of HTML code. (I lose sleep over that nightmare.)

2. Grin like an idiot when I look at all my hard work displayed on a webpage on Amazon.

3. Click the refresh button constantly to see number rating in the book's category.

4. Nervously dither about, unable to focus on anything more than a few minutes.

5. Email the other authors in the box set to see if they know something you don't.

6. Wait, with fingers crossed, for the first reviews.

7. Wait, with breath held until I'm ready to pass out, while I read the first few reviews.

8. One of two things. Laugh in exultation at good reviews. Or, feel like crying at bad reviews.

9. Repeat all of the above numberous times throughout the day.

10. Finally, have a glass of champagne while I email the other authors at the end of a long day of waiting.

Takeaway Truth

The last thing I'll do is go to bed exhausted from the all-day adrenalin rush, knowing I survived Release Day—whether the release was a winner or a loser—and will write again.


  1. Right there with you, Joan! Happy release day!

  2. It's amazing that it's the same every time! :-)

  3. No matter how often you've been published, there is that jittery feeling of waiting, hoping, praying. Happy Release Day all! Here's to many more sales!

  4. Cheers to Release Day! It's a feeling you NEVER forget. Happy Book Birthday, Joan and ALL!