Quick Blog Tip: National Whatever Day

Whenever you're stumped for what to blog about, you can turn to websites that tell you what happened on this day in history or what the day is known for. That often gives you an idea for a blog post.

Another resource is a website that tells you what this day is known for, i.e., National Book Day.

One of those "special day" websites is a bit different. It's called Checkiday, and it lists decidedly odd names for days.

For instance, on that website, it listed yesterday, December 18, as National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day. Seriously? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't  wear a plunger on my head. However, I'd happily take a picture of anyone who did.

I can't tell you where Checkiday gets their information for what each day is, but I'm thinking there may be a freak flag flying at that website.

December 19, According to Checkiday

National Holly Day. Okay, that's normal and appropriate.

National Regifting Day. I guess everyone does this, but I had no idea there was a day to celebrate it. I learned that it's been celebrated the Thursday before Christmas since 2006. Who knew?

Be sure and look for December 20, National Cathode-Ray Tube Day. Hmm. A cathode-ray tube is the part on an old TV set that enabled it to show pictures. Why would anyone celebrate this?

Also on the 20th is National Dot Your I's Day. If you want to know how to celebrate the day, visit Dot Your I's Day on Checkiday.

Takeaway Truth

Bookmark the various websites that list historical events by date and national whatever days then use them for inspiration when your imagination needs a rest.

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