Will Spring Ever Come?

My plaintive question is being asked by everyone I know.

My husband left this past Saturday to go to our house in the country.

He took an armload of king-sized sheets we bought at the nearest Goodwill store and a bag of zip ties.

With the wind gusting up to 30 mph, he covered all of the peach, plum, and pear trees which had bloomed out the previous week. He zip-tied the sheets around the trunks.

These are young trees so we're babying them, hoping they'll survive and be stronger next year.

Last night it was 24 degrees F. there, and 30 here in Houston with the wind straight out of the north making the night even colder.

I know many of you think this kind of weather is nothing, but here in south Texas, it's extremely unusual. In fact, this winter even though we have had no ice and snow, has seemed colder, grayer, and longer than any in memory.

The snowbirds come from up north to spend winters in south Texas because usually the days are in the 50's and 60's with the nights sometimes dipping into the 30-40's. Best of all, we have sunshine, and a lot of it. Not this year though.

Takeaway Truth

Spring is supposed to make it's entrance in about 15 days. I hope she brings sunshine and warmer temperatures with her.

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