Thinking About Video Cams?

We've been thinking about installing video cams at our house in the country.

Not because it's a security issue involving 2-legged animals, but because of the 4-legged animals.

We'd like to see what's prowling around the house when we're not there.

Video cams are sold everywhere. In researching this subject, I realized there are several decisions to make before shopping for a system or buying the first one you see when you walk into Costco or a similar store.

With prices on security surveillance equipment always falling, it's getting cheaper and easier to set up a system. Most can be done by the average homeowner who can read and follow directions.  If in doubt, call an electrician.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Do you want a wired system (expensive since that usually requires an electrician but dependable) or a wireless system (uses your WiFi but that means it's dependent on the signal being strong and always available)?

What about the cameras? How many do you actually need? Do you want one monitoring every access point?

Is a stationary cam okay or do you need it to move back and forth or zoom in and out?

Do you want cameras indoors or outdoors?

Do you want a system/cams that are night vision enabled?

Do you want the system to be expandable so you can add more cameras at some point?

How do you want to view or access the data from the system? Phone app or a monitor or both? If you want to be able to see what's going on when you're away, you definitely want to view what's happening via a phone or tablet app.

What recording options do you want?  DVR? Hard drive? SD cards?

How do you want to back up the system?

How do you want to be alerted to something your cams are seeing? Most internet-enabled systems have the ability to set up a sound alert when motion is detected. Some systems may charge you a monthly fee. If you plan on using your WiFi, look for a system that has no monthly fee.

Takeaway Truth

If we get beyond the research stage and set up a system, I'll take pictures and give a report.

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