Start A Herb Garden

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Whether you say "a herb" or an herb (with the h silent), now is the time to start your herb garden.

I thought while I wait for my son and one of his daughters to arrive for a visit, I'd tell you how easy it is to grow your own herbs.

I'm in Zone 8 so growing herbs year-round is usually not a problem here. This winter was most unusual. We had 2 snows, an ice storm, and several days of freezing and below temperatures.

Despite all that, my rosemary continued thriving. It's well established. My rosemary started as a tiny plant much smaller than the image at left. Now it's a bush 2 feet tall and wide.

The other herbs froze back, but they're already coming out. I love using fresh herbs in cooking so growing my own is worth the tiny bit of trouble.

How My Herb Garden Grows

My herb garden is in giant flower pots on my back deck.

If you're still expecting more below freezing days/nights, you can start your herb garden in flower pots in a window that gets a lot of light.

Once the fear of frost passes, transplant them to bigger pots outside or into the ground when the ground temperature is warm enough.

Herbs love lots of sun. Plant the ones you use most in cooking. When they are thriving and you need some, just nip what you need. If you need a bunch, harvest from a fourth of your growing plant by cutting a couple of inches above the dirt.

Then next time you harvest, select a different portion of your growing plant. This way, part of the plant is always replenishing.

Herbs are natural pesticides. Use compost to add to your soil. Don't use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This keeps your herb garden organic and natural. Plant a mixed grouping in a pot for a visual and aromatic disply.

Takeaway Truth

It's fun to grow your own herbs. Kids can do it. The herbs are fragrant, and there's something immensely satisfying about growing your own herbs.

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Rosemary, Photo by monicore from Pexels

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