2 Quote Sunday

I remember when I was growing up that no one worked on Sunday. We went to church, went home, ate a nice dinner, and read or played.

No stores were open in my little southern town. No one did laundry, cleaned house, ran errands or anything that seemed like work.

I thought about this after putting in 12 hours working today on various writing projects. Whatever happened to resting on the Sabbath?

I found a couple of quotations I thought I would share. Both are from Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Clergyman, according to the Internet.

"It's very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems."

The other one: "We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don't allow our bodies to heal, and we don't allow our minds and hearts to heal."

Takeaway Truth

There is much wisdom in these quotations. I think I'll try to remember that next Sunday.

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