Thursday3Some: 3 New Box Sets

Summer is nigh, and that means it's time to start collecting your Beach Reads.

With that thought in mind, I have 3 fabulous romance box sets for your consideration: Hotshot Heroes, Summer Heat, and Hotshot Danger: Packing the Heat.  (My writing friends have been very busy, haven't they?)

These 3 romance box sets mean a total of 31 novels and/or novellas for your summer reading pleasure. That should carry you for a couple of weeks at least.

Hotshot Heroes

Crave your men hot, alpha, and strong? Then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Hotshot Heroes: Strong Enough to Love with 6 full-length action-suspense romances plus a bonus novella from NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors.

Fall in love with sexy agents, cowboy sheriffs, firemen, bikers, and more. Danger, excitement, and heart-pounding romance await the women who love these brash and protective men.

Hotshot Heroes Authors and Titles
  • Playing Without Rules – Rachelle Ayala. Marcia Powers hid a big secret from her ex-boyfriend, baseball player Brock Carter. She had good reason, or so she thought. Now Brock is back in town and wants Marcia back. Will he lose every dream, including baseball, when he discovers the real reason Marcia sent him away?
  • Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker – Rachelle Ayala. Terri Martin gets caught in the middle of a motorcycle club vendetta when she tries to hire sexy biker Ryker Slade for her birthday date.
  • Blazing Hotter – Chantel Rhondeau. Former bad boy Frankie Hernandez struggles to recover from debilitating injuries sustained fighting his last fire. Now this firefighter is falling for his physical therapist, Cassie Flick. When a serial killer strikes town and threatens Cassie, Frankie will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.
  • Special Agent Maximilian – Mimi Barbour. Nik Baudin meets his identical twin – one he never knew existed. Taking over his identity, he becomes Special Agent Maximilian and gets embroiled in dangerous conflicts along with Max’s beautiful partner, Maya.
  • Longshot – D’Ann Lindun. A sheriff with something to prove. A burned out FBI agent. A human trafficker determined to stop them both will test the limits of their endurance, but he can’t stop them from falling in love.
  • My Calling – Lyssa Layne. It's taken Saylor Warner six years to recover from the death of her uncle. Jonathan “Beck” Beckerdyte has spent the last six years trying to stay out of the public eye. Following his calling leads him into the field of civil service. Beck's made it his life's mission to protect Saylor... except she has no idea.
  • Murphy’s Law – Jennifer Lowery. A storm strands widow Sara Sheldon and her young daughter at ex-Army Ranger Jon Murphy’s remote cabin. She’s running from her husband’s powerful family, and he’s running from guilt for what he did while held prisoner in Azbakastan. Attraction sparks, but survival is at stake. Besides, he's not nearly as honorable as she thinks.
Limited time publication. Get yours today before it goes away. Available only at Amazon Kindle. (Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers or 99cents to buy.)

Summer Heat: Love on Fire

It's Here! Summer Heat: Love on Fire, 16 all new Contemporary Romances from NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors.

Guaranteed to make your blood run hot. Passion, steamy nights, excitement, and suspense. Something to suit every reader's taste.

Grab a cool drink (you'll need it!), find a hammock, and curl up for an unforgettable escape.

Summer Heat Authors and Titles
  • Caridad Pineiro, Under the Boardwalk - A passionate night under the boardwalk brought them together, but can Chase and Natalie rekindle that lost love in just one night?
  • Nina Bruhns, Fast and Flirty - The top-secret package STORM Corps transporter Kade Maddox is hired to deliver turns out to be way more trouble—and a whole lot sexier—than he ever anticipated.
  • Rebecca York, Outlaw Justice - Will a surprise reunion with her old lover save her life when she flees from a homicidal husband?
  • Jennifer Lowery, The Fall (Book #2 ATCOM series) - The last thing ATCOM agent Brendan Devayne wants is to settle down, but Mia Lawrence makes him think twice.
  • Taylor Lee, Jared: (Book 1, The Justice Brothers Series) - The rookie cop learned the hard way that when tangling with the Justice Brothers, Justice—like Love-- isn’t always fair or easy.
  • Traci Hall, Festival by the Sea - Al Cooper’s too bad to be a cop and too good to be a crook; Darcy Smith can’t get enough.
  • Stephanie Queen, Beachcomber Heat - This summer’s heat wave on Martha’s Vineyard is breaking records, but so is the crime wave. The combination is causing a wave of red-hot dangerous desire between Dane and Shana.
  • Kathy Ivan, Sex, Lies and Apple Pies - A televised baking competition brings them together. But deceit, intrigue and revenge are on this menu. Can their love survive?
  • Jackie Ivie, The Hunted - LeeAnn’s got business in Miami.Bring on the sun.Sexy men to look at.The last thing she expects is to be someone’s target.
  • Michele Hauf, The Geek Gets The Girl - Mistaken for the IT geek? This sexy CEO is about to learn the intimate operations of his company—up close, and personal.
  • Rachelle Ayala, Bad Boys for Hire: Ken (Bad Boys for Hire Series, #2) - After Jolie Becker is left at the altar, her friends secretly hire a hunky beach bum to cheer her up.
  • Katy Walters, Sands of Seduction - Clary escaped to a place of sea and sand, a place of passion and seduction.
  • Melissa Keir, Protecting Her Pigg - Arson and fire bring them together, but what will cause the most damage…the arsonist bent on revenge or their own stubborn ways?
  • Dani Haviland, Pool Boy Wanted: No Experience Preferred - He’d never known a woman before, and that’s just how she wanted him.
  • Jacquie Biggar, Summer Lovin’ - Can two mismatched lovers find a way past their mistakes, or will they keep their lonely hearts forever guarded?
  • Angelique Armae, Dark Wolf - When Highland wolf Callen MacHendrie catches intern Miranda Kendrick stealing his prized sword, the term wild romp takes on a whole new meaning.
Summer Heat is available for 99 cents from these ebook sellers: Amazon/Kindle * iBooks * Kobo * Nook * Google.

Hotshot Danger: Packing the Heat

Love and Suspense, Heart-pounding romance and thrills in one hot package.

Hotshot Danger: Packing the Heat has 6 full-length, action-suspense romances plus one bonus novella from bestselling and award-winning authors.

Danger and excitement, secret agents, sexy SEALs, bikers, undercover operatives, and heat! What more can a woman want? Get yours today before it goes away. LIMITED TIME ONLY.

HotShot Danger Authors and Titles
  • Kathryn Jane, Lies. When Jake Meyers is hired to find a missing, million dollar racehorse, the first brick wall he comes up against is a sexy, kickass woman with inside information she’s refusing to share. The sparks and heat between Jake and the mysterious Tara are more than either one of them bargained for, and sooner than later, lives will be hanging in the balance.
  • Dale Mayer, Chilled by Death. Stacy Carter returns to Blackcomb Mountain where she lost her best friends to an accident. Former bad boy Royce Bronson can’t believe she’s back. He has a lot to make up for—maybe this is his second chance. The holiday atmosphere quickly shifts when they find a dead man. Then one of their own goes missing... It will take everything Stacy and Royce have to make it through this nightmare.... They can't trust anyone – maybe not even each other.
  • Jacquie Biggar, The Rebel’s Redemption. Is it ever too late to atone for past mistakes? When an old enemy follows and causes mayhem in the small town of Tidal Falls, can Jared Martin overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved and the child he never knew, or will it be too late for redemption?
  • Chantel Rhondeau, Love & Deception. What if everything you believed in was a lie? Nick Kendall is a secret agent sent to infiltrate a suspected terrorist organization. Despite his best intentions, he falls hopelessly in love with Carlie Hollis, an alleged key player of the group. Though he knows it’s wrong, Nick struggles with his feelings versus what is right. Everything changes when he receives new orders—kill the target. Will he follow those orders…or become hunted himself?
  • Rachelle Ayala, Broken Build. When a woman wrongs a man... can a man forgive and love? The most horrible thing Jen Jones has ever done is behind her—or so she thinks. When she falls in love with Dave Jewell, the man whose life she ruined, a gang of thugs and a killer expose her secrets. Can Dave and Jen rescue an innocent victim from their past and hold onto the love that blossoms?
  • Silver James (Finalist in National Choice Awards – Erotic Romance), Night Shift. Everybody knows you don’t mess with a big, bad Wolf. Well, everyone except Samantha “Sam” Prescott. She’s on a mission to retrieve her niece and nephew from the Nightriders Motorcycle Club where they are being protected by Elijah “Easy” Cross, an outlaw biker—and a wolf shifter. Sam didn’t count on Elijah’s stubborn promise to her murdered sister, and neither can she escape the sexy biker with boy-next-door dimples and killer instincts. When the moonstruck Wolf claims her for his mate, her instincts scream, “RUN!” But how can she, when her hormones want to get down and dirty with the only man who can keep the children safe?
  • Bonus Book: Remember the Night (A Nightrider MC novella). If a Wolf plays his cards right, he might get lucky in love... Ten years ago, Lucas "Lucky" Malone ran from charges of murder, leaving behind the girl destined to be his mate. An accident brings them together, but an MC war is brewing and the last thing Lucky needs is to take a gamble on the one woman guaranteed to make him howl at the moon. How can this moonstruck Wolf walk away from her a second time?
Hotshot Danger: Packing the Heat is available for 99cents from: Amazon Kindle and Goodreads.

Takeaway Truth

Summer is beach book time. Ebooks make beach books into bargain books.


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