Saturday Share: Grapefruit Mint Dessert Salad

This Saturday, the recipe I'm sharing is so easy that I hesitate to call it a recipe.


* Del Monte Sun Fresh Red Grapefruit Sections
* Fresh mint leaves, washed

The Del Monte Grapefruit comes in 2 ways: packed in light syrup or No Sugar Added.

Add however much grapefruit you want to a pretty glass bowl.

Lightly crush the mint leaves to bring out the aroma. Add the mint to the grapefruit.

Refrigerate until you're ready to serve. This makes a delicious salad that's almost like a palate cleanser. It also makes a wonderful light dessert to end the meal--especially a meal like summer barbeque.

Takeaway Truth

Light, fat free, and low calorie, this summery salad/dessert is an easy way too add more fruit to one's diet.

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