Nature Is Amusing

I've had a lemon tree that I've nurtured for 3 years. It seems to attract white flies like steel attracts magnets.

The poor tree is stunted. I doubt it's even a foot taller than when planted three years ago. It's received the same kind of fertilizer and water as the other plantings, but it hasn't thrived.

Darling hubby and I were out on the deck a couple of weeks ago, and I said, "I think we should remove that lemon tree. It's never produced any lemons, and it's straggly and stunted. We should plant something that will actually produce like a fig tree."

Did The Tree Hear Me

This morning I was outside watering the pot plants. I was studying the lemon tree and imagining something else there when I noticed there was a great big lemon on it!

I started moving branches and found 4 more lemons. Wow. Maybe the tree overheard our conversation and decided it had better bear some fruit. *LOL*

Frowny-Face Oak Tree

During all the rain I happened to glance at the big oak in my front yard. Darn if I didn't notice what seemed like a frowning face in the bark. Here's the picture I took. Can you see the frown? Kind of a one-eyed face with a frown?

Takeaway Truth

Nature can produce some interesting visual effects, can't it?