Holy Menudo, Batman!

Here in Texas, we all speak a smattering of Spanish.

There's a sign in town that I drive by quite often. The first time I noticed it from the corner of my eye as I sped by, I read: "Holy menudo."

I knew that menudo was a Mexican stew made with tripe, a cow's stomach lining.

The phrase tickled my funny bone. I thought it was a great-sounding epithet so I started saying, "Holy menudo!"

I figured that was less obnoxious than something else I could say.

Then, one day I was driving slower, and I noticed that the sign did not say, "Holy menudo."

It actually reads, "Hoy menudo," which is Spanish for, "Today, menudo."

Takeaway Truth

I still say, "Holy menudo." Sometimes I add, "Batman."

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