5 EZ Ways to Improve Your Blog

In polls and studies about likes and dislikes,  Internet users list the things they hate most about websites and blogs.

These 5 things can usually be found on these lists.

1. Remove music. This seemed to be one of the biggest pet peeves. I don't see it much any more, but some websites still have it.

2. Dark backgrounds with light colored text. These still proliferate, and they're so hard on the eyes. When I spend all day at the computer, it really hurts my eyes to read light text on dark backgrounds. Apparently, I'm not alone in feeling this way since this is one of the most frequent complaints from web users.

3. Websites that are huge blocks of text--side to side and really long. Who reads that? Not me. My eyes just glaze over when I see that, and I'm motivated to read! Instead, I skim looking for salient points.

4. Non-standard fonts. These may look cute or elegant or whatever when you look at them in a sample, but they are not pleasing when used for paragraphs. Many of them are just hard to read. Even an italic font takes 30% longer to read than a normal font face. Change your font to an Internet standard.

5. Posts that are big blocks of text not formatted for Internet reading. The eye scans vertically when reading from the Internet. Big blocks of text get skimmed, not read. First use at least 1 image to illustrate the subject matter of your text. Then format with sub-headings so the eye quickly grasps what's in each passage.

Takeaway Truth

If you have these elements on your blog, you might want to rethink them.

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