Video Tips: New Animoto Features

As most of you know, I use Animoto for the book trailers and other videos I create. Here are a few new features to help your videos be the best they can be.

For full details of any of the features below, read the Animoto blog post. They have links to videos that describe these features.

On Site Photo Editor

As of December, you can edit your photos directly while on your Animoto workspace. You can crop, rotate, and flip images, remove red eye, adjust color, lighting, and sharpness, without leaving your workspace.

Longer Video Clips

Now you can video clips with up to 20 minutes run time and and trim them to any length in all of the styles.


This feature has been available for a long time. In case you haven't used it before, here's how. To Spotlight an image or text "box" (give it more viewing time), just click on the image then go to the left sidebar and click Spotlight, the Star Icon. To take the spotlight off, just do the same.


If you want all your images and text boxes to have an equal amount of viewing, just control the speed of your video with Image Pacing. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and then use the slider to manually make your video slower or faster rather than use the Automatic setting.

Multiple Songs

This feature is available only to those on the Pro or Business plans. You can use up to ten different songs in a single video. To add a new song, just click the + Add Another Song at the bottom of the screen.

Share Native Video to Facebook

Animoto has improved Facebook sharing. Now, instead of your video being a link on your Facebook timeline, it will be uploaded to Facebook directly and play on your timeline or business page.

Takeaway Truth

Animoto offers free accounts and paid plans. It's easy to create videos with Animoto. Give it a try.

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