Information For Writers: 3 Must-Read Posts

I don't know about you, but I sometimes am inundated with articles and blog posts I feel I should read. On a daily basis, I don't have the time to read this wealth of information. Maybe I get one post read, but the rest get saved.

Once I bookmarked everything, but that got too cumbersome. Now I Save to Pocket and can tag the posts to categorize them. Then when I have a few minutes to read, I can click the little Pocket icon on my browser menu and read.

Regardless of what you use to save articles for future reference, here are a few articles from my Pocket files that I think you should read.

9 Free Tools That Can Help Build Buzz for a Book

Digging for Gold: Getting Those Coveted Amazon Reviews

Focus on What Matters Most & Take Action Now

Takeaway Truth

It's easy to drown in all the information that's available. Find a means to save it so you can read at least a few when you have time. A little is better than none.

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