TV Series Review: Hap and Leonard on Sundance

If you're a Joe Lansdale fan, you probably know that his popular characters Hap and Leonard have their own TV series now on the Sundance Channel.

The name of the series is, of course, Hap and Leonard.


The Hap and Leonard Wiki says in part: "Hap and Leonard are fictional a series of nine novels, two novellas, and one collection of stories and excerpts."

I've read the books and often thought Hapless and Leonard would be a better title because these 2 best friends always jump out of the frying pan and land in the fire. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what they attempt, everything always goes wrong for them.

The books are violent and profane, and so is the TV series. In fact, watching the TV series is like watching a train wreck: you just can't stop watching even though you know things will end badly.

Starring James Purefoy as Hap and Michael Kenneth Williams as Leonard, the series was created by Nick Damici and Jim Mickle. Joe Lansdale, the author of the books, actually wrote 3 of the TV episodes.

Purefoy and Williams are excellent in their roles. They perfectly captured the East Texas drawl and sound as if they're from East Texas. If you're not familiar with East Texas, you'll probably think it was also filmed in those piney woods. It wasn't. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, locales were the stand-in for East Texas.

Takeaway Truth

Give Hap and Leonard on the Sundance Channel a look. You may find yourself setting the DVR for every episode of this compelling dramatic series that is often amusing, sometimes poignant, and always irreverent.


  1. I enjoyed the series. I hope it gets renewed.

  2. Me too, Bill. I hope Sundance isn't as capricious as the established networks.