Success-Themed Popular Posts of 2015

Thank you, faithful readers of SlingWords. You make me feel that all the work I put into the blog is time well spent.

For all the readers who have recently discovered SlingWords, there's some great reading here. I've written and published this blog since 2005 so there are more than 2,000 posts in the archives. Just look at Past Prose on the right side bar.

If you don't wish to wade through the archives, here are some of the most popular posts of 2015, garnering hundreds of views. Each of these posts are designed to help you succeed.

A Baker's Dozen of Popular Posts from 2015

7 Steps to Success Modeling

Writing Advice for the New Year

How to Fill the Creative Well

What Makes a Novel

6 Steps Back on Track

10 No-Brainer Email Rules

EZ Thunderclap Lesson

Marketing Hooks

5 Free Ways to Promote

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Overcoming Fear

Emotional Truth in Novels

How to Write A Tagline

Takeaway Truth

Thank you for reading SlingWords. I hope to see you here often in the New Year.

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